Was that one for the Road Really Worth It as foolish Drunk Escapes Death

was that one for the road really worth it as foolish drunk escapes death

A drunk driver escaped death last night after losing control of their car that left the road and ploughed into a tree in Lovedean.

Police were called in the early hours of Sunday morning after the mindless driver chose to drink and drive than crashed his vehicle.

The black car was barely recognisable and completely destroyed after it smashed into a tree.
A stark reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Officers from the Hampshire Road Policing from Havant who attended said :” How the driver has survived this collision in Lovedean after hitting a tree is unbelievable!”””

Hampshire police say they can’t believe the driver made it out alive after the collision
The images really hit home of how foolish drinking and driving can be.

Police were called shortly after midnight to a single vehicle collision involving a Black Audi A3 that had collided with a tree on Lovedean Lane.

A man in his late 20’s was initially trapped inside the vehicle and barely conscious.

He was taken to QA hospital with life threatening injuries but later was reported to be stable.

A hospital drink & drug procedure was undertaken on the driver and police are currently awaiting the results.

Hampshire Roads Policing released a statement saying :

“As we start our Summer Drink Drive campaign this will hopefully send out a clear message not to drink any alcohol whilst driving. How the driver has survived this impact is unbelievable, if there had of been a front seat passenger they would have died.”