UPDATED:Dover lifeboat and Coastguard Spotter plane currently rescuing 100 plus migrants making foolish deadly journey to the UK in four dinghies under darkness across the Channel

Despite the deaths of 27 people being killed at sea just over a week ago foolish migrants have taken to the water using the cover of darkness in France, we can reveal.

The two dinghies are understood to have entered the water at Gravelines in the early hours of Saturday morning.

One of two vessels a six to seven-meter boat with  50 plug migrants on board and a second vessel is also thought to contain just as many.

Following information being passed to the French and the UK  coastguard, the vessels have been tracked by the French Warship and now a UK Coastguard Spotter plane called into from Doncaster.

A major rescue and recovering operation has now been launched to recover all those onboard the two boats. The recovery operation is being coordinated by officers from the UK Coastguard in Dover who is working with rescue services and the Border force. The RNLI Dover Lifeboat has also been launched to assist with the rescue operation.


UPDATE: 4.30am Just a brief update the RNLI lifeboat is carrying 61 and Nine crew and has just been tasked to a further sighting of 28 onboard

UPDATE: 5.30am Two Further vessels with migrants on board have been spotted a few miles from where 27 people died by the coastguard spotter plane.

A number of 999 calls have been made into the UK Coastguard operations centre and a number person onboard one of the vessels has been using a torch to signal to passing boats near to the main shopping lanes.  The weather is also hampering operations due to the fog and visablity.

The french warship has also left the area leaving rescue and recovery operations to a single RNLI from Dover. 

The French Notre Dame du Risban, is nowhere to be seen on the water.

More to follow