Fruit Machine Slot Symbols: How did they come About? 


Whether you’re playing in casinos in Uk and you are a regular gambler, a high roller, a low roller, or a casual gambling addict, one point you can all rely on is the availability of fruit machine slot icons and the fun they may provide. 


The best free online slots symbols have thrown pleasing successes to any profit earning magician – including you! – from the famous Brucey Bonuses, winning Watermelons, plus Lucky 7s, which have brought a big better like you numerous winnings, to the simple Cherries, Gold Bars, as well as Four Leafed Clovers. Why are these casino slot symbols so common, and how have they managed to survive for so long?


Where did our Favourite Slot Icons come from?


For those who recall the sound of coins gushing out of the slot machine fruit symbols, online casino games provide exactly that same thrill while being in the security of your own house. We don’t want some stinky pub grub splashing their drink all over your multi-million-dollar jackpot. 


Thus, you should know some specific Things Before Completing The Sign-Up Process at an Online Slot Game Website. These well-known slot machine icons arose from an odd source: chewing gum! Here’s how to do it:


  • Pulling the lever and seeing ‘Bar’ come up with an old gum dispensary would just represent a dispense of normal chewing gum.


  • Pulling the lever and just seeing fruit appear, such as the iconic ‘Watermelon,’ ‘Lemon,’ ‘Cherry,’ and so on, would indicate that that flavour of gum was no longer available!


  • ‘Bonus’ and ‘Bell,’ to name a couple of family favourites, would subsequently be introduced to the slot game as a bonus feature, allowing you to win even more money.


So these all modern slot machines originated with gum, then moved on to slot machines, and finally to online slot games, and that is why you get that happy nostalgic sensation when you pull the lever on your beloved casino game – because as good as gum is, a big fishy like you knows the actual prize is even better.


Online slot machine history: Are Fruit Machines Doomed?


There are already enough video slots alternatives in today’s online casinos to satisfy even the most cynical slots fan: 3-reel, 5-reel, 243-ways-to-win, cinematic cutaway sequences, superstars, Expanding Wilds, Avalanche Reels, as well as progressive jackpots are just some of the features available. If a system and a theme have been developed, there’s a good possibility it will be turned into an online slot.


However, the truth in today’s era is that the most popular video-sharing slots are still those featuring fruit symbols — cherries, melons, pineapples, and plums – at least for the moment being. These slot game symbols are a hint that you’re in good hands with a developer that knows how to make vintage slot machines.


Why have these Slot Symbols Stuck Around for so Long?


The following timeline is recorded in history:


  • Gum shops for kids give you a chance to gamble on whatever flavour you get –’ start ’em early’ must have been the ancient adage.


  • This translates to real-life slot machine games, where the big money is made.



  • This is due to the slot symbols’ ease, accessibility, appealing look, and nostalgia — and we wouldn’t want it any other way!


Fruit Machines: Do They Have a Future?


Aside from the major Vegas Progressives, fruit-themed slots appear to be on the decline. The constraints of fruit symbols have become much more evident as online slots technology improves and the urge to improve the players‘ gameplay experience via cutaway scenes, pricey 3D animation, and yet more intricate bonus rounds grow.


Despite the large progressive jackpots of biggest slots developers – Massive Kahuna as well as Microgaming’s Fruit Fiesta, which together blend a classic, nostalgic vibe with current digital sophistication and big payouts, fruit machines appear to be on the decrease even outside the British pub and amusement arcade. 


If you would like to learn more about the casino industry, check out what author Fabio Duarte has to say.


Final Thoughts


So why change anything when all of your beloved online slot games are utilising the icons that we’ve come to know and master from fruit-themed slot machines, whirling win after win for you?


 There’s no need to change when it comes right down to it, the elegance of a symbol that really has brought so many people so much joy, gazing at you over somewhere behind your stack of coins. We sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as we do.