A former Conservative minister has been found to have raped and physically abused his wife.

A family court judge concluded Andrew Griffiths, 51, pressurised Kate Griffiths, MP for Burton-upon-Trent, into engaging in sexual activity.
Mr Griffiths, a former MP for the Staffordshire town, used “coercive and controlling behaviour”.
In July 2018 he resigned after it was reported he sent “depraved” messages to two women constituents.
The ex-MP denied allegations made by Ms Griffiths and “adamantly denied” rape.
Judge Elizabeth Williscroft had been overseeing a dispute between Mr and Ms Griffiths, who are now divorced, at a private family court hearing in Derby.
Ms Griffiths, 51, made a series of allegations against Mr Griffiths and asked Judge Williscroft to make findings of fact.
The Judge made findings in favour of Ms Griffiths but decided that they should not be made public, in order to protect the child at the centre of the family court proceedings.
A High Court judge, however, ruled that Judge Williscroft’s findings should be revealed, after it was argued they were in the public interest.
Ms Griffiths had backed the move, which Mr Griffiths was against, and agreed to be named in media reports, even though victims of sexual abuse have a legal right to anonymity.
Mr Griffiths, who used to be MP for Burton and the minister for small business, and once worked as former prime minister Theresa May’s chief of staff, resigned over allegations he bombarded a 28-year-old barmaid and her friend with lewd comments over social media during a three-week period.
He was cleared of wrongdoing by the parliamentary standards watchdog, which said it found no evidence.
Ms Griffiths stood in his place as the Conservative candidate for the area and was elected in November 2019. She announced at the time she was divorcing her husband.
The judge heard that the couple married in 2013 after forming a relationship about five years earlier.
In 2010, Ms Griffiths found out that Mr Griffiths had been having a “long affair”, the judge said in a ruling. She also discovered he had been sending “sexual texts” to “someone else” in 2011.
Judge Williscroft said Mr Griffiths “described how he had engaged in what he described as sexually risky behaviour for many years, as he enjoyed it”.
He told the judge that he had been “addicted to pornography”.