How to Manage Your Bankroll in Five Easy Steps

Bankroll is one of the essential tools for any bettor, regardless of their experience. Of course, every player is free to manage finances as he sees fit. But our tips can help boost the win percentage and give the peace of mind needed when things don’t go the way you planned or imagined.


Set Boundaries for Bankroll

A personal budget is a vital financial management tool. You should only use a part of it for betting, which is not burdensome, and you will be able to part with it without any problems. If you lose a bet, the player does not even notice the loss, and if you manage to win, you can buy something not planned in the budget. Any bookmaker like Interbet with a review available at will confirm this as the truest strategy.

Use Units


A “Unit” is the portion of a bankroll used for a single bet. Experienced players usually pick one size and stick to it. Bettors use small amounts, often no more than 3-5% of the total: Assuming your bankroll is $300, units would be $9-15.


Keep Calm


Restrain yourself from changing your betting amount upwards: doing so is guaranteed to harm the tactic you initially chose. Also, do not forget that even with professionals, cold streaks happen because it is impossible to predict every result correctly.


In times of failure, remain calm because it is not for nothing that we initially focused on the amount we are prepared to lose painlessly. The worst idea is to run straight away and win back because a rash bet without analyzing the situation will only lead to more losses.


Keep Track of Your Bets


For the novice bettor, doing it “for fun,” the approach of checking every wager may seem redundant. But it is the recording of your results still the most effective way of determining where a player withdraws more often.


There are plenty of ways to note how and where bets are recorded, whether they win or lose, and how it affects the bankroll in the end. Some players use a simple Excel spreadsheet. Others still use old-school notepads, and some install apps on their phone. In general, the method doesn’t matter as long as you reach your goal in the end: determine which stakes you’re strong at and can focus on them.


Play Responsibly


We’ve already touched on a tip, but one is worth discussing in more detail. There is a reason we say in this article that a player should approach betting responsibly for professional gamblers earning in this field as anyone else. That means that before making a bet, they carefully assess the teams’ chances, check the injured players in both squads, read the latest news about the match, check the statistics. As many uninformed people think, staying in the black in betting is a big job that requires a lot of preparation, not luck.


The most important thing, though, for a bettor who has chosen to play “for fun” is not to spend so much money that it will negatively affect the quality of life. If a person cannot pay the bills but continues to play betting, it is worth stopping and thinking about it.