Group of thugs armed with machetes and knives go on the rampage in Chatham street brawl yards from Children Primary school

A large area of a parade of shops and grass area remains concord off after a group of men armed with Machete and knives started fighting late on Friday night on Wayfield Road in Chatham.

A gang of thugs armed with machetes and knives started attacking each other in street before fleeing the scene.  A witness who asked not to be named said that a large fight broke out and they had large knives and a machete. At one point a  man was run over by a car.


He was scooped up and put in a car before being taken to hospital.  the witness made claim that it was linked to another fight that happened at a property around the corner on Christmas day in Chatham 

A large crime scene remains in place after the brawl outside the Wayfield Road Fish Bar that is yards from children primary school. Many people are awaken to the sight of Police tape all over their road.


Kent Police have been approached for comment 

More to follow