MV Balmoral Strikes West Cowes Pontoon on the Isle of Wight

mv balmoral strikes west cowes pontoon on the isle of wight

The MV Balmoral a vintage excursion ship owned by the MV Balmoral Fund Ltd and a former Red Funnel ferry has struck the West Cowes Pontoon this afternoon.

The vessel came in heavily at 01:02pm with passengers onboard. She was operating day excursions to the Isle of Wight. There is significant damage been caused to the floating pontoon, located off The Parade on Cowes esplanade, after the passenger ship collided bow-first during its approach to the mooring.The extent of any damage caused to the 1949 ship, is currently unknown.

Peter Sewell claims that the vessel hit bow first as if the captain was either unaware of the obstruction or simply could not control the ship as it manovered between the pontoon and the breakwater across the incoming tide.