Group Rescued from Speedboat for a third time are a ‘catastrophe waiting to happen’

group rescued from speedboat for a third time are a catastrophe waiting to happen

A group of Five tracksuit- clad lads have been rescued  for a third time in three weeks  after  setting sail  from Broadmarsh slipway  this evening,  they have been described as a “catastrophe waiting to happen” and have now  been urged to “leave their boat home and get some training before someone really gets hurt”. The group still thought the whole rescue was a complete joke.

This evening Gallery of the Rescue

The five inexperienced young sailors had to be rescued by  an RNLI Lifeboat that was out on an excercise  again today (Wednesday ) when their speedboat ran out of fuel. The group of ill-equipped teenagers set out on their doomed adventure in their recent EBay purchase but drifted from Langstone Harbour to Hayling Island. It was by  luck the group weren’t swept out to sea or into the busy shipping lanes that would have caused choas.

It transpires that the vessel and crew had launched earlier in the evening and ran out of fuel while navigating down the harbour, leaving them completely adrift in the failing light.

One of the intrepid explorers had the bright idea of getting fuel from a  nearby petrol station and swam ashore. However, he forgot one vital piece of equipment – a can. The remaining crew members put out a distress call on the radio and having heard the confused calls of ‘Hello, hello’ the RNLI Portsmouth team, who were training on the water at the time, were able to respond.

Pictures from Two Week ago when the groups boat’s end caught fire.

The group of hapless youngsters are not strangers to boating disasters having had to call for help last weekend  when the engine caught fire  on the seafront on Lee on the Solent . A patrolling Coastguard rescue team from Hillhead  gave the clueless clan advice that seem to have gone in one ear and out the other.  Two weeks before that  the group and the  same boat’s engine  caught fire near a slipway in Lee-On-Solent causing  a Coastguard rescue team  and  the Gosport and Fareham Lifeboat to launch and render assistance.


A local  fisherman  who witnessed this evening drama of the recovery  of  out of fuel  speedboat along  with missing safety equipment with five people on board,with  no  distress flares or lifejacket to cover the amount of people on board. Criticised the group who again this evening thought it was a massive joke . Asking  not to be named he said:” “This is not a  joke there was nothing funny ” “It costs between £2,000 and £5,000 every time a lifeboat is launched. These guys are costing the RNLI  and  the other rescue services a small fortune.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) refused to comment on how much the rescues would have cost.
A spokeswoman for the MCA said: “Search resources are always used in incidents where people report seeing someone in trouble.
“We would always urge people to call 999 and ask for the coastguard if they’re in danger or think someone else might be in distress.
“We never put a price on human life. If we get a 999 call we respond and treat it as an emergency.”


A Spokesman from the RNLI Portmsouth lifeboat said “After hearing Solent coastguard responding to a distressed vessel in Langstone harbour, Portsmouth RNLI Lifeboat Norma T raced back towards the harbour to hear the rest of the message, abandoning scheduled training to assist. (Wednesday 15th June 2016 – 8pm)

Once inside the harbour the Lifeboat used Direction Finding VHF radio equipment (DF) to locate the distressed vessel on the East side of Langstone Harbour, with two of the five men waist deep in water holding their 14ft boat in the shallows near the beach.

Once on scene the Volunteer crew established a tow and assessed one of the wet casualties for hypothermia, as he had been complaining of cold. wrapped in a thermal protective aid and life jacket the young mans condition was monitored for the duration of the return tow to Broadmarsh slipway, where a waiting Coastguard rescue unit was able to assist further. Thankfully the casualties condition improved quickly and an ambulance wasn’t deemed necessary.

It transpires that the vessel and crew had launched earlier in the evening and ran out of fuel while navigating down the harbour, leaving them completely adrift in the failing light. After luckily reaching the shoreline one of the casualty crew used a handheld VHF to call for assistance, Solent coastguard then replied and the RNLI Lifeboat was tasked.

Aaron Gent of RNLI Portsmouth Lifeboat Station said:
“We always urge people to ensure they are adequately prepared to go afloat, and if they are unsure to seek assistance or training first. boaters should check local conditions & tide times, inform a friend of their plans and have relevant safety equipment to signal for assistance”
“Knowing how to use a VHF radio is a very important part of boating, as unlike a mobile phone, RNLI Lifeboats can detect and track signals”

This month is the beginning of the the RNLI’s respect the water campaign, which is aimed towards halving the number of accidental coastal deaths by 2024 and raising awareness of the hidden dangers which catch people out around the British and Irish coasts. In 2015, RNLI lifeboats were called out 1,217 times to motorboats in trouble. The largest single cause of call outs was due to machinery failure, in this instance a lack of fuel.

Anyone wishing to know more about the Respect the Water campaign or safety advice should search for “Respect the water” or visit