Gosport Mum Blasts Parent:They are putting their own children in danger

gosport mum blasts parentthey are putting their own children in danger

A Mum at a Gosport School has said enough is enough. The one woman protest has now taken to social media to name and shame driver who ignore Zigzag lanes to save minutes when dropping children off at school.
“A lot of parents seem to think it’s ok to stop for a minute on the zig zag lines.” said Trace Williams.

Zig zag lines outside of St John’s school Gosport, well you would be able to see them if parents hadn’t parked dangerously and illegally, caring only about the seconds they save rather than children’s lives or the law. It makes me really mad They are putting their own children in danger as well as everyone else. nut nothing seem to get done about it.
The only way to make people take notice is to post their vehicles on social media. when are people going to take any action will it take a for a child to be knocked down or seriously injured