Police descend on Southampton City Bar after Brawl Breaks Out Whilst Euro Poland V Portugal is Shown

police descend on southampton city bar after brawl breaks out whilst euro poland v portugal is shown

Armed Police with tasers,Two Dog units and a Three Pubic Order van along with 11 Police vehicles have descended on Yates Bar on Above Bar Street in Southampton this evening a mass brawl broke out in the venue. Whilst Poland vs Portugal football game was being show at the venue. The game went into extra time and then a large group of people started kicking off people shouting “F**king Polish” a few of the group upstairs in the venue had been out looking for trouble all night said supporters who had gone out for a quiet evening.

Police who are already on high alert descend on the bar just after 10pm this evening. Police made staff close the venue early in an attempt to restore calm.

But fighting Spilled out onto the street with some hell bent on causing trouble, a red flare was set off in East Park Terrace whilst a large group could be seen rolling around in the road fighting. Glass bottle were thrown and smashed in the street as violences erupted, moments later Police arrive to quell the fighting.

A large group of people from the venue have spilled out into the street and staff have stopped people from entering the venue that has closed early.. Two officers with dog are stood by the bus stop whilst the officer formed a tight bubble around a group of men wearing tracksuits, outside the venue.

No one is thought to have been arrested as the large Police presents remains in the area as fans who had been in Yates took to standing outside The Spitfire to peer in through the window as the match goes to penalty’s.