Child’s health put at risk after using Play area in Portsmouth Pub

childs health put at risk after using play area in portsmouth pub

A concerned parent from Portsmouth claims her child health has been put at risk after using a play area in a pub in Portsmouth.

The mum of the one-year-old child contacted UK News in Pictures after a concerning visit to the Wacky Warehouse in the Sovereigns pub in Kingston Crescent in Portsmouth on Monday 4th July.

Despite trying to informally resolve the issue with the venue her concerns have fallen on deaf ears. Her child had to be treated for bites sustained when using the ball pit in the venue.

UK News in Pictures was told, “When I took him in that morning he had not a spot on him, he played for an hour so and as I took him out, I noticed he had blistery spots all up his legs, around his ankles up to his thigh. Generic Levitra over the counter on with cheap prices.

The mum, who does not want to be named, continued, “I took him to the pharmacy in panic, to be told they were fresh bites of some sort and to go back where I had been and complain! The pharmacist agreed to back my complaint up with a note and advised me to take pictures too. “

The complainant was told that the centre had pest control in each week. She added, “They said they would call in two days. That was Monday and it’s now Friday and I’ve been told nothing.

“I noticed they posted saying it was closed for ball cleaning. When I commented asking what the pest control outcome was, my comment got deleted almost immediately.

“I’ve since phoned and been told someone will call me back when they’re less busy.

“The bites still haven’t gone down, so I will be taking my little boy to the doctors where I’ll make sure I get a second note and will be taking this further.

“It could well be a flea bite, nothing serious, but the way it’s been handled and the fact there are things biting young children in a play area is absolutely disgusting for a venue that claims they have pest control in every week.”

We have asked the manager of the Wacky Warehouse for a comment but they have failed to return are call.