Shoppers Showered In Sewage After Pipe Bursts At Tesco In Havant

shoppers showered in sewage after pipe bursts at tesco in havant

Shoppers at Tesco in Havant had a shock this morning (12th July) after a sewage pipe burst.

Customers and their shopping trolleys were showered by contents from the pipe.

The news quickly spread on Facebook leaving people to reconsider where to do their grocery shopping.

Unconfirmed reports said that cars in the car park below were parked in family spaces and the trolleys were still being used by customers to put their food in despite their proximity and the likelihood of being splashed by the raw sewage.

Shoppers took to social media blasting Tesco saying: “Please do consider getting the pipes properly fixed and deep cleaning your store and the trolleys.”
Natalie Corner It was this morning before 10am!! my car was in the bay opposite the leak! And getting back to the car was disgusting.