Person Rushed to hospital following Suspected Stabbing in Southampton

person rushed to hospital following suspected stabbing in southampton

Emergency services were called to Merryoak Road Southampton this evening (Tuesday) after
unconfirmed reports that a stabbing had taken place on the road by many taking to social media asking why there was such a large police presents in the area this evening. Some have said that the attack was gang related involving a baseball bat and a knife being used.
Police and officials are keeping tight lipped on the chain of event. Police sealed off the road and scenes of crime officers also attended the incident that unfolded just before 8pm . A vehicle was removed on the back of a low loader tow truck by Police contractors. One person has also taken away by land ambulance to hospital The seriousness of their injures are currently unknown. An ambulance and rapid response paramedic also attended the scene. An air ambulance was also sent to the scene but wasn’t used said a spokesperson for South Central Ambulance Service.