Foul attack against Cat filmed on Mobile phone being investigated by Police

foul attack against cat filmed on mobile phone being investigated by police

Police have launched an investigation after a foul attack was carried out on a cat. The attack was filmed on a mobile phone show the youth kick the cat after grabbing it by the collar. The tabby can be seen being grabbed pulled towards the youth and then being kick hard in the ribs and can be seen flying through the  air as a. result of the force of the kick. This was captured on a mobile phone .



[ytp_video source=”cMJHoZtUd90″]

The attack is believed to have taken place over the weekend in the Lewisham Area of London

A spokesman for the Met Police said”We are aware of a video purporting to show cruelty to an animal taking place in south London, which was brought to the attention of our digital contact centre by social media users. The contents are currently in the process of being assessed by officers in Lewisham.”