Chlorine tablets and batteries Spark chemical incident in Fleet

fire crews battle flat fire in havant

Emergency services have been called to a chemical incident in Fleet. Police have corded off parts of the Pine Grove whilst a Detection, Identification and Monitoring Unit (DIM) carry out tests in homes that have been sealed off by Police and Fire crews.

Fire Crews and a Hazard Area response unit from SEC Ambulance service were called just after 9pm this evening and remain at the scene. No one has been reported to injured at the incident but fire specialists remain at the scene as the chemicals haven’t not been identified by the DIM unit.

The road was sealed off for 3 hours whilst crews from Winchester,Basingstoke,Fleet and the DIM unit attempted to identify the chemicals mix.

It was found after testing that the chemical cloud was made up of chlorine tablets mixed with water and battery acid leaving a gas cloud in the property after the owner had attended to. create a mix to clean a caravan water system.

Police remain outside the property that is in darkness. Fire crews revisited the property at first light to make sure everything was clean.