Passengers Rescued after getting Stuck on Solent Wheel in Southsea

passengers rescued after getting stuck on solent wheel in southsea


Emergency services have been called to the Solent Wheel at Clarence Pier this morning.

A 60-year-old woman and a 6-year-old boy were on the wheel after it became unfunctional. They were rescued using an aerial ladder platform.

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A number of services were called to the scene at just after 11.30am including a RSV Rescue Support unit  and an aerial ladder platform from St Mary’s  supported by other fire appliances from Cosham and Southsea.


The area was cordoned off while emergency services deal with the incident and a large crowd gathered to watch the rescue unfold.

Crew Manager, Richard Furse, said, “Luckily where the cart was positioned, we were able to get the aerial ladder platform up to it quite easily.

“We had lots of resources turn up initially due to it being a rescue from height but once we realised what we were dealing with, we managed to send a lot of them back.”

Nobody has been  hurt during the incident.