Man arrested after attempting to Snatch Child in Southsea

man arrested after attempting to snatch child in southsea

Police have arrested a man after he attempted to snatch a child in broad daylight in Southsea.
The incident is believed to have happened at the Southsea arcade in Clarence Pier on Friday evening

The mother of the child involved who we are not naming spotted the man acting suspiciously after she returned to the entertainment centre to see if works had been carried out by the council after her son fell and smashed his nose earlier in the week. The man an approach toward the mum child claiming that there was a lift waiting for her outside and he would take her to her mum. Clearly untrue as the parent where yards from the children. It’s claimed that the man-made a grab for the child and this is when the mum intervened striking the man putting him on the floor. The Police where than called

The attempted snatch would have been successful had the parent not hit the man in an attempt to stop him from leading the child away.

The mother reported that the man had been seen on cctv earlier in the day approaching young girls.

Police were called and the man was arrested and is being questioned by officers at a Police station in Hampshire.