Police issue alert Warning in Gosport

police seal off road after stabbing in gosport

Police have received two reports within the Gosport district –
Broomfield Crescent and Braemar Rd relating to males entering homes via the front door which had been left unlocked .
Occasion one was during Friday afternoon (30th September2016) around 1om hrs the second mid evening around 8.45pm.

On both occasions a male ( different descriptions ) has entered the premises via the front door which was not locked .

One male was challenged in the hallway by the occupant who made excuses saying was wrong address and left saying he was looking for a certain number property ( which was in fact the one he had walked into) – description age late 20’s early 30’S , Dark hair slim build , Beard , black coat

In the second incident the occupant shouted out from another room hello and a male voice responded sorry wrong house and leftonly description beige trousers white T shirt .

Police are warning home owners to make sure if your doors can be opened from the inside that they are locked even if you are in , it takes seconds for someone to enter then leave stealing items .
Police are urging you report at the time in these circumstances 999 IS THE APPROPRIATE number to use , do not leave until the next day