Buses Withdrawn on Gosport Estate After Youths Endanger Passengers by Throwing Rocks

buses withdrawn on gosport estate after youths endanger passengers by throwing rocks

First Bus have withdrawn services on a route in Rowner due to teenagers throwing stones at the buses.

Many concerned residents and families took to social media this evening to bring it to the attention of other residents and posted descriptions in the hope that it would deter them from continuing the dangerous  behaviour.

One parent said, “One boy is wearing a black t-shirt with grey skinny jeans and a tracksuit jacket, tall and lanky with a dark ice gem hair cut and a bit of big nose, aged 14-16 maybe.

“They will end up causing an accident. Children and babies use the buses. The bus company will stop buses coming down there altogether which will affect the community.
bueses under attack

“Please talk to your kids and explain the consequences and do something about them if they are involved.”

First Bus issued a statement today saying: “Due to youths throwing missiles at our buses in Howe Road, we have withdrawn our 9/9a services today until further notice.”