Reports of Police Presence in Shearer Road in Portsmouth Following Stabbing

reports of police presence in shearer road in portsmouth following stabbing

Following on from roads being cordoned off by Police for over seven hours in Fratton this morning, yards from the scene of the stabbing that has left a man fighting for his life, neighbours have made claims that new stabbing incident has taken place in Shearer Road/ Shakespeare Road.

A man has been taken to hospital with an injury to his hand and witnesses claim the man was stabbed with a knife. Police are keen to play down the incident but confirmed that they were called to an address just after 7.30pm this evening. “A man has been stabbed in the hand but does not wish to make a complaint,” said a police source.

The incident happened three doors away from where a woman was attacked and had her head caved in with a hammer several months ago.

One resident who lives yards from the stabbing incident claimed the area has taken on the new name of the ‘Fratton Ghetto’. They said, “It’s getting worse and the Police don’t seem to be doing anything to tackle the goings on, it’s as if mob rules.  I have reported the dealing and people taking crack in the grounds of the church a number of times but nothing seems to ever get done. The times of coming in and closing your door to get away with are gone when it’s happening so close and on your own doorstep.”

Sheila Merritt said, “What is going on lately, seems to be getting worse on the streets. Think they should be putting patrols of police back on the streets and not sitting in cars and behind desks.”