Lucky Escape For Overseas Lorry Driver after Trailer Hits Trees in Fareham

lucky escape for overseas lorry driver after trailer hits trees in fareham

An overseas lorry driver had a lucky escape this evening when his lorry struck overhanging trees while driving between Titchfield and Wickham.

it is believed that  The lorry was following a diversion around the Titchfield Carnival that was taking place when it struck a trees blocking the road  he was attempting to find a suitable place to turn . 
The incident happened on Sunday evening when the large lorry used the Titchfield Lane and collided with the vegetation and became trapped.

The road between Binfield Lane and River Lane is likely to be closed for several hours as a result, as a major recovery and clean up operation takes place. Tree surgeon and highways officers have also turned up at the scene to start the recovery whilst specialists from Boarhunt Recovery bring in a six wheel Foden truck and crane.

An eyewitness said: 

“Although it’s classed as a ‘B’ road and should be passable, nobody has come through and had a look to make sure these big lorries can get through .”

An additional danger caused by the incident was that a power line became entangled with the tree. The 40 ton refrigerated lorry’s trailer was severely damaged as were the overhanging trees that Police say are now unsafe. The driver who is shocked escaped without injuries but debris and refrigerated lorry insulation is spread across the road.