Man stabbed after Lashing out at a Young Girl Wearing a Clown Mask in Portsmouth

man stabbed after lashing out at a young girl wearing a clown mask in portsmouth

A man has been rushed to hospital after he was stabbed. The attack happened after the man hit out at a young 9 year old girl who was wearing a clown mask in the Somers town area of Portmsouth

The attack happened just after 8pm after the young family had been returning from a local halloween party that was being held at the local community centre adventure playground in the Somers town part of the Portsmouth city. A resident who asked not be to named said “She lived on the thirteen floor on the Edgbaston House at Sedgley Close. I heard the woman screaming the little girls name after the man lashed out at the little girl. The mum ran off with her children and returned with two other men who then stabbed the man.” 

 A rapid response paramedic rushed to the scene whilst Police threw up cordon tape in the garden area of the tower block. Other residents witnessed the man being worked on by medics in the garden area for well over an hour before he was rushed off to the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth.