Young Girl Hit By Firework in Portsmouth Street

young girl hit by firework in portsmouth street

Police have launched an investigation after a young girl aged five was hit by a firework that was let off in the street in Cosham yards from an organised display.

Shocked parents who witnessed that incident claim that the firework narrowly missed the girl’s eye and set her coat on fire.
The incident happened near the petrol filling station yards from the King George V Playing field in Cosham where the display was taking place attended by 30,000 people.

The family of the child spoke of the horror after their daughter was hit by the firework that is believed to have been set off by a group of youths before the start of the display. The family who we are choosing not to name were making their way over to the celebrations with their daughter when a firework exploded narrowly missing the young child’s eye. She has been treated by Paramedics and taken to hospital after her jacket was set on fire.

Kelly Turner said, “One narrowly missed my friend and her youngest son too. Glad I stayed indoors. Such a shame people have to do such an awful thing and thing a good evening.” Another concerned parent, Clare Hussein, said there were kids letting fireworks off in the street, “I don’t know where but close to the field and one hit the five-year-old, narrowly missed her eye and I could see her coat was on fire.”

Police have launched an investigation and are appealing for people to name the group of the youths involved after the sicken attack. Anyone with information is asked to contact Hampshire Police on 101