Gosport Road blocked after Head on Collision between two People Carriers

A major Gosport road was closed this afternoon following a head on collision between two people carriers.
The collision happened on Newgate Lane near to the junction of Tanners Lane Fareham/Gosport border.

Police and Paramedics were called to the incident following reports that two car had crashed and one was facing the wrong direction and the other had ended up in a hedgerow. One of the drivers was treated by Paramedics and taken to hospital. The road was closed for a short time to enable recovery of both the damaged vehicles. An oil spill also had to be cleaned up after the collision. Resourceful officers from the Hampshire Roads Policing used soil and a nearby wheelie bin to stop the oil from entering the street drainage system.
The incident is expected to cause delays during rush hour as traffic has been reported to be queuing back to Market Quay Roundabout in Fareham as drivers seek alternative routes.

It is thought that one of the driver may have had a medical episode before crashing head on into on coming traffic that was travelling towards Fareham. Use of a mobile phone has been ruled out as Police in the area continue a major crack down operation.