OAP in a Merc Rammed Grade Two Listed Building in Winchester

oap in a merc rammed grade two listed building in winchester

Emergency services were called to a business in Winchester after a car rammed into the building.

Recovery specialists used a crane to winch out the 320 Mercedes that was embedded into the three storey Georgian town house in Southgate Street after a pensioner lost control of it and became trapped.

A shocked office worker spoke of his shock and terror as he witnessed the driver trying to reverse and then hitting a car before ploughing into the Grade 2 listed building.

He said, “The car engine was revving. I think the man may have had his foot stuck on the gas pedal. I was really scared. I just ran and took cover by the fireplace as I thought the car was going to carry on shooting forward.

“The emergency services arrived very quickly and they help get the driver out of the car.”

The road was closed to traffic to allow the emergency vehicles to get close to the scene.