Low Life Scum attack and Trash Poppy Wreaths in Southampton

low life scum attack and trash poppy wreaths in southampton

Police have confirmed that they are investigating a criminal damage to poppy wreaths around the Cenotaph in Watts Park, Southampton, It happened at about 3.30pm on Friday afternoon. One shocked member of the public captured the shocking attack and you can view it here.

The member of the public was walking through the park this afternoon and saw this man trashing the memorial in the park said :”Not sure who he is but it’s disgusting and I hope he gets caught! I didn’t expect this post to be shared so much! a lot of comments are saying that I should have said something, or should have called the police instead of using my phone. The police were informed at the scene and someone did intervene. I personally did not feel safe enough to intervene as I didn’t know what his reaction would be. This video is purely to raise awareness. The more it is shared the more chance of finding who this man is.

Others took to the social website to vent their anger over the shocking images.

Bernadine Priest wrote: “Disrespectful little t**t – all colour n race fought n sum lots n lots lost there lives fighting for there country wtf idiot.”

Rusty Russell added: “Wot a Evil B*****d.”

A Hampshire Police spokeswoman confirmed the force is investigating criminal damage to the poppy wreaths.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call police on 101 quoting 44160445628.