Police launch Probe after Angry Parent Catch Pervert pleasuring himself in Bedhampton

police launch probe after angry parent catch pervert pleasuring himself in bedhampton

Police have confirmed that they are investigating reports after a man was confronted by group of Parents on Sunday,after he was caught carrying out an outraging public decency offence in Havant over the weekend.
Angry Parents who has attended the Bidbury Mead playing fields in Bedhampton to support their children who were taking part in a five a side football match. They confronted the man after he was spotted pleasuring himself whilst watching the kids from his car. The man who was in a Silver Renault Clio was surround by angry parents who demanded some sort of explanation. One parent who has asked not to be named, said one parent lost it with the man by striking him just as he attempted to the drive away. The Police have attended, and have now launched an investigation. Quick thinking parents recorded the number of the vehicle number plate and have felt the need to go public to warn other parents in and around the surrounding area. I dread to think what the man may have done if we had not been there. Anyone with any information that may help assist the Police with their investigation is asked to call 101.