Convicted Serial Stalker Paul Nelson hacks under age Kids Facebook

convicted serial stalker paul nelson hacks under age kids facebook

A convicted Stalker and Portsmouth loner has been caught again hacking underage peoples facebook in an attempt to create some sort of smear campaigns with the help of trying to befriend them into thinking its them. A third attempt has been to try to bully the local Portsmouth News. Well you want the lime light you can have it. Paul Nelson of Flat 6 10 -12 (The Dolphins Apartments) Western Avenue Southsea Portsmouth. We have carried out are own investigations into this little worm who we are naming and shaming after successfully hacked my daughter 14-year-old daughter Facebook and son’s Facebook now he has attempted to create email address for my wife as well.

This man clearly is a danger or is not right in the head. In other attempts he has tried to stalk member of staff in public houses,in the Albert Road community and isn’t unknown to the Hampshire Police. We have been made aware of three current investigations by Police and concerned residents. Some worried business owners in the community agreed to keep him on the Albert Road Pub watch, banned from One Banned from all List – so Yes Paulie you are still banned.

The man clearly has big issues and the owners reasons are clear that they do not want to put their customers at risk by allowing him anywhere them. So I suggest you stay at home at look after that little black cat of yours!! When we approached Mr Nelson for comment he tried to attack us with a baseball bat that he keeps by the front door clearly has a few other worries on his mind. We aren’t the only people- he has tried to bully Transport for London they took none of his rubbish and had Facebook instantly close down his page for breach of copyright here are a few other quotes on how his warped mind works :

A few days ago Paul Nelson posted yet another picture of a girl in a state of undress on a night out. Comments ranged from ‘I hope she was tag teamed’ to ‘she needs to learn some respect’. Paul Nelson actively encourages victim blaming and rape culture.

In an attempt to humiliate and fat shame a well known and well liked local resident, Paul Nelson has replaced her picture in an NME montage of Portsmouth street style with one of a pig. And then published it on his Facebook page. The person behind this page will not, and cannot stop. The power trip is too addictive.


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