Fire crews called to Chemical Spill at Southampton Hospital

Four fire crews from Hightown, Eastleigh, Cosham and Redbridge stations and a specialist support vehicle from Romsey have been called to  the Thousand bed Southampton General Hospital  this afternoon.

Fire crews were called just before 2.45pm on Friday afternoon to the Tremona Road Site in Southampton following what is being described as a chemical spillage.  It is believed that  two chemicals created a corrosive substance and has   given of some sort of toxic  fumes.  One worker has been treated for minor injuries after she was splashed by the chemicals ,  she was using reacted with a chemical on the floor before splashing on her. The worker has been treated at the hospital A and E department

Workers at the site have said that they have seen fire fighters wearing breathing apparatus going into part of a building that has been sealed off and security are turning people away from the area.

Fires crews remain at the scene dealing with the incident. It is not believed that anyone has been seriously  injured  following the spillage or that any patients are involved.

A spokesman for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust said: “Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Hazardous Area Response Team at South Central Ambulance Service were called to Southampton General Hospital earlier today following the identification of a small chemical leak in a secured waste store.

“Although the area is not accessible to patients and visitors, a corridor on the hospital’s west wing was closed and monitored by security for a short period of time while the incident was investigated.

“As a precaution, outpatients in a near-by waiting room were redirected to another location prior to their appointments. All clinic appointments went ahead.

“Following advice from the fire service and hazardous response team on how to clean and ventilate the area, the incident was resolved with no disruption to services.”

A spokesman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue said that they have a number of appliances at the chemical Incident and officers are working with staff at the hospital to bring the incident to a safe resolution.