Man Jailed after smashing Police officer’s Jaw

man jailed after smashing police officers jaw

A man has been sent to prison for  two years’ after attacking a  police officer,  and smashing his jaw. The officer was responding to. a call from a member of the public and had  arrested the man  friend.

Demitre Clarke-Oliver, aged 24, of Kennet Walk, Reading, pleaded guilty on 3 October at Oxford Magistrates’ Court to a section 20 GBH and was sentenced yesterday (8/12) at Oxford Crown Court.

He was arrested, charged on 1 October 2016 and remanded in custody following an assault on PC Tse at around 3.15am on the same day in Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford.

At the time, PC Tse was with two other officers, responding to a call from a member of the public.

Clarke-Oliver assaulted the officer while he was detaining an offender and the injuries PC Tse sustained during this assault resulted in two fractures to his jaw. PC Tse had to undergo an operation to insert two plates and eight pins to reconstruct his jaw following the assault.

Investigating officer Det Con Neil Rudge, from Oxford Local CID, said: “This was a cowardly act and assaults on police will not be tolerated.”

Supt Joe Kidman, LPA Commander for Oxford, said: “To attack a police officer is a cowardly and despicable act. PC Tse was responding to a call from the public at the time, and despite the calm and professional conduct from the officers, Clarke – Oliver attacked PC Tse from behind without provocation or warning and then ran away. He then threatened another officer before being subdued and arrested. It is to PC Tse’s great credit that despite the serious injury to his jaw he assisted in this arrest.

“This incident is a sobering reminder of the risks that our officers willingly take every day and night to keep our city safe. We are also reminded of the impact this has on our officer’s families and loved ones who provide such valuable support despite knowing the risks they face.

“The blind side punch broke PC Tse’s jaw in two places and he has suffered a great deal of pain and discomfort with typical fortitude and bravery. He looks forward to returning to his role on the front line as soon as possible, the job that he loves protecting and helping the people of our city.

“Being attacked and seriously injured should never be considered an occupational hazard of serving the public as a police officer – the Judge’s comments and the custodial sentence he has imposed makes this very clear.”

Speaking following the sentencing, PC Raymond Tse said, “violence against anyone is never acceptable and, in our role as Thames Valley Police officers, we work very hard to ensure that those who carry out assaults are brought before the courts to face justice. In this incident myself and the other officers attending were in the process of arresting another man in connection with a separate violent assault against a member of the public. While we were in the process of doing this, I was unexpectedly struck by Clarke-Oliver’s fist which he slammed in to the side of my face, causing me a lot of pain. He ran away however my colleague and myself were able to apprehend and arrest him to carry out our duty to protect the public, ensuring no one else was subjected to this kind of assault. I hope to be able to return to work as soon as possible once my injuries have recovered further.”