Area Declared safe after Suspect Find of Eight Pieces of Ordnance in Gosport

area declared safe after suspect find of eight pieces of ordnance in gosport

An area that has been sealed off by Police and Coastguard has been declared safe this after. Police Coastguard and EOD experts spent the morning at the site near  Heritage Way  following the discovery of eight devices whilst out on an  unrelated search on Saturday afternoon.


Coastguard search and rescue teams out searching for missing Kayakers after a search was sparked following the discovery of  a torch and items on Stokes Bay beach had been washed up.

Coastguard rescue teams from Hillhead and Portsmouth found the War world two mortars and shells whilst search between Weevile Lane and Heritage Way just after 3pm on Saturday afternoon. Cordons were put in place until  EOD experts  could inspect the find. This was only possible after the  tide had gone out at lunchtime.

Shortly after 1.30pm on Sunday afternoon 11 December  the cordon put in place were removed after it was found that the items had been previously blown up on the site and the area was declared safe. Royal navy EOD experts are arranging to have the items removed at a later date.