Trains badly disrupted as person is hit by train on Southcoast to London line

trains badly disrupted as person is hit by train on southcoast to london line

Trains are badly disrupted after a person has been hit by train as it pulled into the station.
The driver of the train attempted to make an emergency stop as he pulled into the station at Petersfield this evening (Saturday December 17). It is unclear how badly injured the person is.
British Transport Police say they have been called to a report that a person had been hit by a train at the station.

The line remains blocked in both directions with many passengers trapped on the line.
Train services on the line are likely to be severely disrupted for the next few hours following an incident.
Currently all lines are blocked in area and trains are unable to run between Havant and Hazlemere

Delays are expected until 10.30pm tonight.

South West Trains are looking to put on a replacement service for those wishing to travel.
Hampshire Police have also confirmed that they are assisting British Transport Police with an injury incident at Petersfield train station this evening.

Please consider other transport options for the early part of this evening as the station is currently closed.