Scumbag couple rob Gosport pensioner 

scumbag couple rob gosport pensioner

An elderly male was watched whilst he withdraw money from inside his bank in Gosport. The wicked theft took place on Monday afternoon (December  17) A male and female then approached him asking for directions to the hospital. After they had left, he realised they had stolen a large sum of money from his inner jacket pocket.

The aggrieved reports that he only felt a small tap, and had thought nothing of it. His jacket zip was done up, and had not changed throughout. It is possible that this duo may target again. Please take care when withdrawing money. If strangers engage you in conversation keep your distance.Stay safe.

If you see anyone acting suspicious around ATM’s please go straight to customer services in the bank and alert them.

Any information about this incident please call Hampshire Police on 101 and ask for PC24257 COLLIER