Seven Thousand People watch Facebook Live of Pedophile Hunter Sting Confronting John Sheppard

seven thousand people watch facebook live of pedophile hunter sting confronting john sheppard

Seven Thousand People logged on and watched a Facebook live broadcast of Shane Brannigan as he confronted  John Sheppard in Lemington Spa after he though he was going to meet an underage girl for sex Sheppard also admits that there is an other man named Mark Smith in Portsmouth and is also believed to live in Torquay he was also going to invite and take part. The man whose sick wife was upstairs when Shane confronted the man in his living room. The man thought that the underage girl had turned up at his property when in fact it was Shane Brannigan asking for an explanation. Despite making two calls to the Police  they failed to turn up for nearly an hour.  The man begged to take the girls virginity and teach her everything he know about sex.


At one point. Brannigan started to sing its going to be lonely this Christmas in a Police Cell


Many have commented : Look at his horrible little dirty paedophile lair. It’s like something out of a horror film. Thanks shane for doing what you do.


His wife lives there…. So shouldn’t publicise the address. I.hope the police investigate the other man (on fb) mentioned by him…. Looks like a whole ring

Great work fella!! Catch this sick cunt take him out back and give him a ‘talking to’ show him the error of his not ways! No need for court action


Watch more of the Shocking footage.