Faulty Tumble Dryer Nearly Cost Gosport Family their Christmas

faulty tumble dryer nearly cost gosport family their christmas

Two Fire crews have been called to deal with a tumble dryer fire at a property Gosport this morning.

Crews from Fareham and Gosport were called just after 12 after a tumble dryer caught light at the address in Cameron Close Gosport.

It is not thought that the fire has caused serious damaged to the property. Crews removed the dryer and also fitted smoke alarms to the property.

It is understood that due to the quick arrival of crews that the fire was put out and averted the family losing their Christmas.

Here is some advice issued by the Hampshire fire and rescue service :

Throughout the summer warnings have been issued about the potential for some tumble dryers to burst into flames. There is no suggestion that this fire was caused by a faulty machine but this incident serves to remind anyone who has a dryer to make sure they check to see if it is one of those flagged up as being a potential hazard. It is clear that we all need to be vigilant if we are using a tumble dryer. At this time of year people do need to use their machines to get washing dry but please be aware of the possible risks.

Never leave the appliance unattended during operation. Check the filter after every cycle. Ensure proper venting as directed in the original operating manual