Reports of Christmas Day Disorder at HM Prison Cardiff

reports of christmas day disorder at hm prison cardiff

Getting reports of disorder at HM Prison Cardiff . The disorder broke out just after 10am on Christmas Day on the Knox Road Estate in Cardiff. The prisons current role is 820 prisoners. The disorder comes following what authorities said it was a minor incident which was quickly resolved by prison staff and that nobody was injured with: Four prisoners barricaded themselves into a Cardiff prison cell in what was believed to be “in protest of being moved from Birmingham”.

The prisoners barricaded themselves into the cell before surrendering to prison staff on Sunday.

We understand Two Tornado teams from Cardiff and a neighbouring prison Usk have been deployed for cell extraction of 4 inmates from HMP Birmingham who has been transferred in following the riot last week.

Cardiff’s prison regime includes full time education, employment in the prison workshops and training courses. There is a resettlement unit that offers prisoners various offending behaviour programmes and work based courses and a detoxification unit also holds short term prisoners in preparation for release.
Relatives of a serving prisoner have taken to social reporting of the disorder : Mags Oliver wrote Prisoners going nuts

Statement from the Ministry of Justice :There was “a relatively minor incident” at Cardiff Prison today.

Refusing to give or confirm details on the nature of the incident the MOJ spokesperson said:“On 25 December, prison staff swiftly resolved an isolated incident on one wing at HMP Cardiff. No staff or prisoners were injured.

“The incident began at 10am and was successfully brought to an end within 40 minutes with all prisoners returning to their cells.

“We do not tolerate this behaviour, prisoners who behave in this way will be punished and could spend significantly longer behind bars”