Such a waste of Life Friends Pay Tribute to Murdered Isle of Wight Prison Officer Nick Medlin

such a waste of life friends pay tribute to murdered isle of wight prison officer nick medlin

During the late hours of Christmas Eve and the early hours of Christmas Day, prison officer Nick Medlin, Parkhurst Site, HMP Isle Of Wight, was out celebrating with his family and became the victim of a vicious assault in Ventnor. It is with great pain sadness I wish to inform you all that Nick did not regain consciousness. However, no more details are available, as Police enquiries are ongoing.

Nick and Dani moved to the Isle Of Wight within the past three years. While their sons, Joe and Charlie, stayed on the mainland to continue with their studying, Nick, at the tender age of 55, opted to join the Prison Service. In Nick’s words, for something different to do and to keep him occupied. And he soon endeared himself to everybody he worked with.

Being an ex-boss of his own company, Nick knew how to deal with people on a daily basis. He never had to demand any respect as it was always there from colleagues, managers, and prisoners. Everybody loved Nick Medlin and respected him, and I can say hand on heart, he was one of the best officers I have ever worked with in over thirty years. A true professional in every way.

It was at an early stage in Nick’s Prison Service career that I was totally shocked to learn I was to be his mentor. He didn’t really need me apart from various paperwork submissions we all make on a daily basis and he soon mastered that. Yet again, Nick’s forte was knowing how to work with and deal with people. I did however on a few occasions observe Nick wave his index finger telling people not to interrupt as he was the one talking. Everyone soon shut up. With the exception of me, who had great pleasure in reminding him he was a sprogg and a NEPO.

I like to think of Prison Officers as having a unique sense of humour and Nick was no exception. When Nick first started he had the habit of ending up at the wrong place during incidents. And we never let him forget. “Are in Parkhurst, Albany, or Dartmoor tomorrow Nick”? Or, after making everybody a brew, “Is this coffee from The Scrubs tea-boat”? I can assure you none of this was one-sided as Nick could give it back and laugh at his own mistakes. I will miss Nicks permanent smile, banter, and cups of tea and coffee.

They say that 2016 has been a sad year for losing superstars. And Nick Medlin is no exception to this. Nick, you are one of the loveliest people and friend I have ever had the pleasure of working with and to also know outside of work. You were hugely popular amongst your colleagues. You were our superstar and you are truly going to be missed by all. Rest In Peace my Double Act Mucker.

Our genuine love and thoughts go out to Dani, Joe, and Charlie. God bless you all.