Mum believed to be in ‘grave danger’.

mum believed to be in grave danger

A family have launched a facebook appeal to help find their mum who is believed to be in ‘grave danger’.

Kayleigh Terry is appealing for members of the public to share this story in hope her mum is found because they believe she is in danger.

Writing on facebook she said “We’ve been informed he has done it before to someone much younger than himself and if he gets away with it it could be your family next. Your daughter, your sister, your mum or even your gran it seems. Please please help before it’s too late!!!”

“Please help us. This is my Mum, Lorraine Baskott / Ashworth. She’s 56 and has been missing for 3 months. She has bipolar amongst other serious health problems and has attempted suicide previously because of it. She is extremely vulnerable and appears to be being controlled by a 40-year-old man called Rob James Keytes that she describes as extremely volatile.

“He will not let us speak to her directly unless she seeks response from him and this is only to demand money from our family. He has emptied her accounts and we believe she is now not in control of her own money at all. They have been moving around the country and could be in London, Kent or Dorset.

“Due to the occasional contact it is not deemed a priority case but our family is being torn apart with worry. Please do not give them money or approach unless she is alone as he has threatened our family and we do not know how dangerous he may be. If you see her alone please help her to the nearest police station or tell an officer where she is.

“Please tell her how much we love her and that we can look after and protect her. If you have any information as to her whereabouts or have any questions please contact the police or private message me. Thankyou.”

If you know anything it may be more effective to report it directly. Kent Police are the lead enquirers on 01622690690 ref: 03/0273 Thankyou all for your help it’s incredible what the power of Facebook sharing can achieve! Keep it going and bring her home