Fire Crews chilling warning after exploding phone Charger in Gosport

fire crews chilling warning after exploding phone charger in gosport

A chilling warning has been issued about the dangers of leaving a phone charger plugged when not in uses.
Watch Manager Rob Dellow from Hampshire Fire and Rescue service has spoken of the danger after two crews from Gosport were called to a property with a smell of burning and blown electrics this evening.

Fire Crews raced around to the property in Thomas Grant Avenue in Gosport after the woman raised the alarmed just before 9pm on Wednesday evening.
firefighters searched the property and found the remains of the overheated Samsung charger that could have left the property gutted.

Publishing the shocking remains Mr Dellows warned of the dangers: People leave their phone charger plugged in all the time when they aren’t being used turn them off and unplug them. He added: “Unless an electrical item is designed to be left on unattended – such as a fridge or freezer – it should always be switched off . In addition, we advise that all homes should be fitted with working smoke alarms, and these should be tested regularly.”