Police crack down on out of Control Chavs in Havant

police crack down on out of control chavs in havant

Officers in Havant have launched an operation this month to address concerns about motorcycle related anti-social behaviour in the Dunsbury Hill Farm area south of the A3(M).

Operation Herd is a direct response by the Barncroft and Bedhampton Neighbourhood Policing Team to the forty-three reports that have been made to us since August 2016 of mopeds, motorbikes, mini motos and GoPeds causing a nuisance. In addition a further fifteen incidents of theft of a motorbike and three suspicious vehicles have been reported to us in the last six months.

Many of these reports have related to teenagers using a field as an impromptu racetrack with no regard to other members of the public.

Offences including: riding without helmets, driving elsewhere than on a road, and failing to stop for Police are of concern to officers. The safety of pedestrians and other road users is also affected by irresponsible use of these vehicles. Havant Borough Council’s Environmental Health Team can also issue noise abatement notices to riders causing a statutory noise nuisance.

The use and abuse of motorcycles significantly impacts on the daily lives of local residents and has a negative effect on their quality of life.

Officers will be undertaking high visibility patrols and stop checks in the problem area throughout January and can use Section 59 warnings and seize vehicles involved in committing offences where appropriate.

Sergeant Garry Smith said:

“All anti-social behaviour impacts on people’s daily lives. We are concerned that there is an increase in motorcycle related nuisance around Dunsbury Hill Farm. While teenagers may not think they are committing an offence if riding off-road, this type of anti-social behaviour has caused real concern for local residents.

“We will be undertaking high visibility patrols to locate those believed to be involved. In the majority of cases teenagers are riding these bikes and we will be talking to local schools to educate their pupils to the dangers of this activity.”

To keep up to date with incidents in the area please follow the Havant Police Twitter account. @HavantPolice

How can you help us to target motorcycle nuisance?

Report any incidents to us by calling the non-emergency number 101..
Make a note of descriptions or names of riders and passengers
Also note the details of the motorbikes involved: including make, model, colour/distinguishing paint work, and registration number.
Please provide any photos you may have of the bikes and riders.

We aim to follow up all motorcycle nuisance complaints to effectively deal with this type of anti-social behaviour.

If you have any questions about Operation Herd please contact the Barncroft and Bedhampton Neighbourhood Policing Team by e-mailing: