Life Saving Award for Top Dog Cop after Langstone Life Save

life saving award for top dog cop after langstone life save

The life-saving actions of a Hampshire Police office have been recognised with a national award.

PC Neal Skinner didn’t think twice before jumping off Langstone Bridge into after a man fell into the icy cold waters below.

PC Skinner, a dog handler with the Joint Operations Unit with Hampshire Police , was on an evening shift when he was first at the scene to a man who was on the wrong side of the railings in December 2015.

As PC Skinner was talking to him, the man lost his balance and fell 30ft into the fast-flowing water.

Without a thought for his own safety PC Skinner jumped in after him and despite the tide taking the man further away, the officer was able to grab hold of him and drag him back to a life ring.

Fortunately PC Skinner was able to get them both to the slipway at Langstone Sailing Club and the man was taken to hospital for treatment.

In recognition of his actions that evening, PC Skinner has been award a Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal.