Southampton Airport on Full Alert after Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing

southampton airport on full alert after plane forced to make emergency landing

Southampton Airport has been put a full alert after passenger plane has been forced to make an emergency landing at after developing technical problems.

The major alert was sparked just after 11.20 this morning (Friday 10 February 2017) after a flight got into difficulty.

The plane is understood to have developed technical issues.

The pilots were forced to make the distress call that is being referred to as “technical issue” it was discovered whilst the flight was airbourne.

The Airport fire services launched a major emergency response with Hampshire Fire and Rescue called to back up the airport’s onsite fire engines to standby on the runway. Five fire appliances were sent from Eastleigh fire station along with appliances from St Mary’s, Hightown and Redbridge.

A spokesman for the airport said :”Emergency services responded at around 11.30am with police after we were advised that a private aircraft had developed  an engine fault. The plane landed safely without further incident and normal operations at the airport have not been effected incident “.