Scumbag glasses Woman in the Face and Steals Her Car

scumbag glasses woman in the face and steals her car

If you know the whereabouts of Karl Gates please contact the Police immediately. Karl, if you read this hand yourself in at the nearest police station (for your own safety!)

Faye Sharpe was attacked in Havant last night. Karl Gates is alleged to have stolen her car and glassed her. Her friend was on the phone to her and could hear Faye begging for him to stop.

Gates’ partner, Jodie Morley, said, “I didn’t just stand there. He had already assaulted her by the time I had got in the room. I stood in between them, then Faye ran out the house and I ran after her.”
The friend, has confirmed that, “She (Faye) has had 21 stitches and can’t see out of her eye! This vile man is being searched for but someone is hiding him! The wicked attacked happened on Saturday night and scumbag needs finding before he heads to London!”

His former boss, John Bushnell, said, “I’m the manager of Ganymede Solutions, that little scumbag hasn’t worked for us for five months as he never turned up for work. All I know he has family in London.”

Hampshire police said Karl Gates, 26, from Havant, is wanted for questioning after a report of a 24-year-old woman being assaulted in Cold Harbour Farm Road, Emsworth.

Officers have been unable to find Gates, a spokesman said.

Detective Sergeant Steve Kelly said: ‘We are aware that there has been some activity on social media in connection with this investigation over the weekend.

‘We would urge anyone who knows where Karl Gates is, or Karl himself, to come forward and make contact with us as soon as possible to allow us to progress our investigation.’

Witnesses should call police on 101 quoting 44170054905.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Hampshire police on 101