Disfigurement charity slams London Dungeon for ‘crass, offensive’ tweets

disfigurement charity slams london dungeon for crass offensive tweets

A charity that supports people with facial and other disfigurements has criticised The London Dungeon for what it says is a ‘crass and deeply offensive’ tweet.

Changing Faces says that the tweet, which was sent yesterday [Tuesday 14 February 2017] mocked people who have a disfigurement and makes them and their families feel unwelcome at the tourist attraction.

The tweet read: “Did you fall from heaven? Because it looks like you landed on your face.’

Chief Executive of Changing Faces, Dr James Partridge OBE, said: “1 in 111 people in the UK have a severe facial disfigurement. Are these people and their families not welcome at The London Dungeon? Because that seems like a very odd approach to marketing. To mock people who have an unusual appearance is not acceptable, and we want the London Dungeon to remove the tweet and to publicly apologise for the upset they have caused. People who have disfigurements experience staring, name-calling and worse every day and when companies like this join in, it makes daily lives even more difficult.”

The charity wrote to the chief executive of Merlin Entertainment, who own the London Dungeon, but their email was passed into a customer service team’s queue and a reply promised within ten days.

“It’s disappointing to see that Merlin aren’t taking this seriously,” said Dr Partridge. “The company also operates the London Eye, Legoland and Madame Tussauds amongst other attractions. Should people who have a disfigurement expect to be mocked at these venues too?”

Changing Faces will hold the UK’s first Face Equality Day on Friday 26th May to highlight its campaign for fair and equal treatment of people who have a disfigurement.