School Kids Skip School and Go on Rampage with Digger at Golf Club

school kids skip school and go on rampage with digger at golf club

A number  of secondary school children on the Isle of Wight bunked off school and stole the keys to a digger before going on the rampage at a local golf course on Wednesday we can reveal.

Six school children dressed in uniform from a local Isle of Wight School were described by those who witnessed as out of control yobs and said that they were swearing, shouting abuse and throwing rocks.

Head groundsman, Tony Mears at Shanklin and Sandown Golf Course which is yards from the school that we are not naming, said the language from some of them showed that they didn’t appear to be scared of the Police or anyone in authority. During the exchange of verbal foul language, one of the yobs involved said to Mr Mears that he would bring his dad down to sort him out if they touched him. Mr Mears keeping a cool head called the law who turned up pretty quick,  in fact two vans turned up and went off in pursuit of the motley crew.