Armed Police deployed to Property in Ventnor

armed police deployed to property in ventnor

Armed police have been called to a property in Bellevue Road in Ventnor this evening after a stand-off with a man. The road was closed and residents told to stay in door as officers from two ARV unit supported by other Island Police deployed to a property. Bellevue road was closed just after 7pm with Police cordons at both ends of the road.

One man has since been taken away in Police van by officers for what is believed to be a firearm offences after officers stormed the room he was staying in at The Burlington Hotel just after 8.40pm this evening. Officers gained entry to the property using an enforcer. Police still remain at the property. Further officers have since been deployed to the scene along with a scenes of crime officer. A police source close to the investigation has revealed that staff at the hotel raised the alarmed after spotting the firearm. Armed officers where called in as back up and a weapon has been sized and made safe by Police from a room on the third floor of the hotel. Officers can now be seen in the property carrying  out a finger tip search of the three star hotel. One resident who asked not to named as said her and her partner had just sat down to eat dinner when the road was filled with cops. We saw two with black helmets and one with a shield. It looked like they meant business than more police turned up.