Police launch Investigation as teacher is suspended from Island School

A teacher has been suspended and a Police investigation has been launched into Child Sex abuse allegation we can reveal. A letter has been sent from the headteacher after a number of concerned parent became aware of the allegations assuring them that the offences took place outside side of the school who are legally unable to name.
A new act protecting the naming teacher or school came into effect in 2012 until a teacher is charged with a offences. Concerned parent have said that this is crazy and gives a teacher a white cloak to hide behind and possible puts off pupils from reporting any potential offenses or being believed.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Police confirmed that an investigation was underway and Officers have interviews a number of children of school age in relation to sex assaults against boys. We hope to bring you more on this when the teacher is made to face the music. The unnamed trained musician is currently on bailed and suspended from his current teaching post.