Woman Arrested after Double Stabbing In Portsmouth

woman arrested after double stabbing in portsmouth

A woman has been arrested after a drug deal at a women’s refuge turned sour and ended in two-man being hospitalised this evening.

The two knife-wielding attackers, however, remain at large.

The attack happened at the top of Somers Road, outside the KS Convenience Store, at approximately 8.30pm, and two local men have been hospitalised with major knife wounds.

One woman, in her mid-20s with long brown hair, was arrested and escorted from a nearby women’s refuge at approximately 10.15pm, after a dozen armed police, some carrying riot shields, entered the building at 9.45pm.

Property, including a mobile phone, was thrown from an upstairs window of the women’s refuge shortly after the police entered the building, and were picked-up and taken by a bystander.

A witness, who asked not to be named said the two men involved are believed to South London drug dealers, aged in there mid-20s – one black, one white – attacked the two Portsmouth men outside the KS Convenience Store.

One of the knives, used by the black attacker, was described as a 12-inch kitchen knife by a witness who told Spotted Portsmouth the attacker waved it at him before fleeing.

It is believed a heroin deal, arranged with the co-operation of the arrested female, took place in a back bedroom of a nearby women’s refuge, but turned sour.

One of the victims, said to be in a critical condition, was rushed to Southampton General Hospital whilst the second was taken to QA Hospital. Both are said to have suffered serious knife wounds.

Pools of blood and a discarded paramedics kits can be seen on the pavement outside the store. The owners and staff of the convenience store are shaken-up but were not injured during the attack. Speaking to UKNIP the shop owner said it was total panic,the stabbed men came into the shop asking what address they where at saying they had been stabbed and needed to order a taxi their was blood pouring everywhere . Police have made me close my shop for the rest of the evening whilst they carry out their investigations they have put all tape up.

Police are carrying out patrols of the area in an attempt to locate the attackers who remain at large at this time.