Police Clutching at Straws following Third Arrest over Stabbings in Portsmouth

two released on bail after double stabbing in portsmouth

A third woman has been arrested following a brutal double stabbing in Somerstown on Friday evening.

The arrest, described by Police sources as “clutching at straws”, comes just a day after two other women were bailed following the incident.

The third woman, a 35-year-old of no fixed abode, is being quizzed by detectives from Hampshire Police’s Major Investigation Team (MIT) at Portsmouth Central Police Station.

As first reported, police carried out a painstaking search of Somerstown this morning as their investigation into Friday’s double stabbing stalls.

Detectives have failed to track down either assailant or either weapon used in the bloody attack. Both victims, and their alleged female accomplices to a failed drug deal, have refused to co-operate with officers.

Two women arrested on Friday night in the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong, which ended in two Somerstown men being repeatedly stabbed in the street, have been bailed until 26th April.

One of the victims, a 50-year-old local man, is fighting for his life in Southampton General Hospital. The other victim, a 31-year-old male, is said to be in a ‘serious but stable condition’.

Police have failed to catch the attackers – identified locally as South London drug dealers – who repeatedly slashed and stabbed the victims, at approximately 8.30pm, in the middle of Somers Road in front of members of the public.

A witness, who asked not to be named, has revealed that both men, believed to be South London drug dealers, were aged in their mid to late 20s – one mixed race, one white.

One of the knives, which has yet to be recovered, was described as a 12-inch kitchen knife by one witness who the attacker waved it at him before both assailants fled on foot.

Both victims rushed up Somers Road into the KS Convenience store, asking staff to call a taxi as they had been stabbed and needed to go to hospital. The owners and staff of the convenience store were shaken-up but were not injured during the attack.

It is believed a heroin deal, arranged with the co-operation of the two arrested females, took place in a back bedroom of a nearby women’s hostel, but turned sour.

A dozen police, including six plain-clothed detectives and armed police, some carrying riot shields (which were later used as umbrellas) were seen entering the hostel at approximately 9.45pm.

A 26-year-old woman, believed to be an occupant of the hostel, and a 31-year-old Portsmouth woman, were arrested at the property shortly before and after midnight respectively.

Detectives from Hampshire Police’s MIT unit, leading the investigation, have confirmed both women have now been bailed pending further inquiries with sources close to the women stating they have been bailed for conspiracy, in relation to supply of controlled substances, and failing to assist police.

Detectives made a vague appeal for information last night regarding “two men in tracksuits fleeing the scene”, and a police source has confirmed neither victim has been prepared to make a statement regarding the attack.

A police spokesman said, “We’d like to hear from the two men who were seen running away from the area or anyone who either witnessed the assault or saw the two men running away from Somers Road.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting 441 7008 1395.

Both attackers remain at large.