Portsmouth Thug Jailed for Wife Beating

portsmouth thug jailed for wife beating


A Portsmouth thug, out on license for a brutal attack on an ex-partner, has been returned to prison for a violent assault on a second ex-girlfriend.

Frazer Michael Tee, 27, of Lowestoft Road, Wymering – now of HM Prisons – was already out on bail in 2014 when he carried out a premeditated attack on the mother of his baby daughter.

He was sentenced to two-years-and-four months for that assault, which was so brutal it broke his ex-partner’s leg, at the Portsmouth tanning salon she worked at. He also admitted to possession of a prohibited firearm, which he had on him when he was further arrested in December of 2014.

The Court heard how Tee had earlier told her boss, “I’m going to kill her!” before returning later to find her alone in the salon and repeatedly kicking her. When interviewed by the Police, Tee laughed and claimed his victim had “made it up”.

On Friday 3rd February this year, following the second attack, Portsmouth Crown Court again returned him to prison, for a further six months, after he punched a second ex-partner in the face outside a Portsmouth pub.

Tee hit her with such force it lifted her up in the air and left her unconscious. She suffered cracked teeth and needed two stitches, leaving her with a permanent scar.

The Wymering woman-beater and petty-criminal already has 13 previous convictions for 22 offences.